Sunday, August 24, 2008

holy cow!

it was once possibly called buttercup, or maybe daisy or even chestnut... now it's called rug and it's my new best friend!

this post is dedicated to the memory of boris.


Creative Living - Lyndele said...

You left a comment on my blog.
Doyle is just so lovely too. I think I will join that spoodle forum. I didn't realise there was anything.
I bought Ruby from a breeder in Palmerston North through Trademe. She has the neatest personality. Even at puppy training they can't believe how laid back she is. We only bought her 2 weeks ago and the breeder has two more on trademe at present. (if they havn't sold)

Laura said...

Or Boris.. I think somewhere on my blog is the sad story of Boris the Hereford, may he rest in peace ( or pieces!)

Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I've just got a new camera, isn't digital photography brilliant - 3,ooo photos later and one of them is lovely.

Looks like Doyle has made a new bed.

the professionals said...

yes he's pretty enamored in 'rug' he only just tolerates sharing it with us he he - should i ask what happened to Boris???

Laura said...

Oh Boris! Well he was my house steer, a lovely boy if ever there was one. Tame as anything, came to his name and followed me around the paddocks. He shared a field with No Name. Our grazier arranged for Mr Homekill Man to come early one morning, but unbeknown to us didn't tell him that one of the steers was a pet. Now if you were the home kill man which one would you go for? the one hiding behind a tree in the far corner of the field ( clever No Name!) or the one who came bounding up to say hello. It wasn't his fault, he didn't know, but it was blooming awful at the time.
And have I eaten any of bet I haven't!
This is the sad tale of Boris.

Laura said...


RIP Boris