Friday, November 7, 2008

hi de hi

i'm at camp cos b & c are in dunedin for b's dad's big birthday

Monday, November 3, 2008

a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down

so during my rather fun day as a star on sunday the paparazzi failed to notice something was up until the next morning when i hobbled out of bed...

yep you guessed it no dog should have to do his own stunts!

i felt pretty speesh though cos it was all a mad flurry here yesterday morning, c ringing work to say he cant come in cos the dog had had an accident (arf arf), then i was carried to the car and didn't even have to have my harness on! we dropped b off at work and c took me to my new vet. oooooo she was good, i am so going to keep her on the payroll that's for sure, she thinks i'm lovely and ever so tough and gave me lots of liver treats. she told me i've wrenched my shoulder and i should be right after i've taken my anti-inflams and rested for a few days (oh sure you try and keep me down).

on the way home c spoiled me with a cheeseburger plus a quarter of his big burger and some chips. b wasn't too thrilled to hear about that though... she doesn't understand - its a boys thing! wonder if thats why i only ate half my tea mmmmmm.

here i am hopping along but you've got to look close cos i'm being a tough dog and hiding it!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

doyle's day

ok here's my day - the neighbours had a party last night so i didn't get much sleep and as you can see i'm looking rather sleepy and grumpy but b & c insisted i get up @#$%!! just cos they've got things to do!!

im kinda keen on weekend brekkies cos i usually get a treat...
hey wait up where's my treat?

you gotta be kidding me there has to be more...

he he my oliver twist look worked and i scored a chicken neck

then i was on guard doing my daily perimeter search and b came out with my collar... now that usually means one of two things, walk or car...i was so excited but unfortunately the paparazzi... (huh? paparazzi?) didnt catch my poodley leaps of joy on film or the three circuits around the car when i finally realised we were going for a ride in the big black beast...

actually b & c ride in it but i like to think i fly and when im not hanging out the window i'm standing there in the back telling b & c that i think they should take me...


so im off - ive engaged all my senses and am ready to sniff it all out...

or should i say 'them' out

hey here's one

think we've meet before

wait for meeeeeeeeee...

bit pooped now shall we go home??

aw you gotta be kidding me... im NOT dirty...

go away i'm hiding

aw come on guys you're embarrasing me

sheesh this is SO humiliating

woofie... don't let b or c know but i am kinda partial to the after bath feeling... a mad run

and when b & c don't see me slip inside there's nothing better than a good shake...

and a roll on the couch awf awf

so i got sent outside to dry but wait whats that??

jeez guys thank you!!!

phew i'm a bit tired from all the drying and marrow hunting and OH NO c's getting the red nasty grass killer out... time to hide inside

hey c you better not be hurting my lawn

so anyway i thought i would make it look like i was joining bodi in the spare room for a bit of a nap

but really i found some socks... woof hooo but then b found me and she sent me outside woops

so i decided to check out the status of my lawn after c and the nasty red monster ran all over it

ok guys you've done a pretty good job making it shorter

then i went to my secret stash place to check that the nasty red monster hadn't stolen anything

and what do you know... now i have two bones arf arf

hey b im getting a bit hungry down here

mmmm red cabbage, yoghurt, mince and bikkies ... not bad

better check out what bodi's got

ok mine was a lot bigger than hers so i'm happy with my lot

after dins i decided to have a bit of a snooze on boris while b & c had their din dins

mmmmm i soooooo love my boris, he's awfully comfy

then i did a spot of tv watching... something radar something... quite exciting when they were hunting the goats... but i got told to stop jumping up at the tv... ooooof

so i got bored and wanted to play instead woof woof

which annoyed bodi arf arf arf

ooops it might be time for my... you know...

how about a little privacy here please...

oh for goodness sakes go away you've been in my face all day!

good night sweet people, watch rattie for me will ya ;D