Monday, November 3, 2008

a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down

so during my rather fun day as a star on sunday the paparazzi failed to notice something was up until the next morning when i hobbled out of bed...

yep you guessed it no dog should have to do his own stunts!

i felt pretty speesh though cos it was all a mad flurry here yesterday morning, c ringing work to say he cant come in cos the dog had had an accident (arf arf), then i was carried to the car and didn't even have to have my harness on! we dropped b off at work and c took me to my new vet. oooooo she was good, i am so going to keep her on the payroll that's for sure, she thinks i'm lovely and ever so tough and gave me lots of liver treats. she told me i've wrenched my shoulder and i should be right after i've taken my anti-inflams and rested for a few days (oh sure you try and keep me down).

on the way home c spoiled me with a cheeseburger plus a quarter of his big burger and some chips. b wasn't too thrilled to hear about that though... she doesn't understand - its a boys thing! wonder if thats why i only ate half my tea mmmmmm.

here i am hopping along but you've got to look close cos i'm being a tough dog and hiding it!!


Laura said...

Get well soon, Doyle, you poor thing! xx

the professionals said...

thanks laura! dont tell b & c but i'm lovin all the attention arf arf i heard b saying that my shoulder is getting better cos my limp is getting less noticeable... note to self... keep limping, lovin all the XTRA loves... - hows your gang?? hope tallulah's paw is all better

Darroch Cottage said...

Aw well you could always fake it for a wee while longer, they'll never know!
Gang all good now - paw fixed, itchy itch itch all better. xx