Thursday, October 21, 2010

a coffee thursday, black, strong and sweet

doyle you're a box of beans this morning...
yep... black, strong and with no sugar: that's me...
phoenix wright: ace attorney in godot described coffee as "blacker than a moonless night. hotter and more bitter than hell itself..." i know you're hot but are you a bit bitter doyle?
and doyle there's a turkish proverb that says "coffee should be black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love." i know you're strong but how sweet are you?
oh i'm sweet moll but quit with the heady stuff will ya i'm on a mission to find the coffee ones...
oo'er... it's mine!...
short black?...
and a flat white...
well that was fun... not!
so doyle where's b?
last seen with her crazy squares...
still... will it ever end?
think she's trying to espresso herself!... arf arf arf
and just what have they got to do with this week's coffee? should we give her a roasting? jeez are we corny or not this week...
think she's trying to sort out whether to use the latte yarn or the mocha yarn to join them all together...
plus coffee's sposed to have a stimulating effect on hoomans and she seems to be stimulated...
that might be doyle but i think it's pretty safe to say that blankie sure isn't instant!
mollie moo you look dog tired, think you need to perk yourself up there wee girl arf arf arf
i need a cup of tea and a lie down... all this coffee stuff and corny wit has got my heart rate up!
next week's colour on blue's coloured thursday is gonna be pumpkin orange... oooo scary!


Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

We vote for mocha yarn to join the pieces. (If that is the darker of the two.) That is gonna be a fab quilt! You two had some fun with it too. Loved the butt shots. BOL. The saying "box of beans" is also very funny. You're just a real hoot today~which is the 20th here!!
BabyRD and Hootie

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Look at all those squares - and all so beautiful. Is it time yet - will the joining together start soon? Mollie, go catch a snooze and maybe it will be all done when you awaken:)

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Asta said...

Mollie and Doyle
I love youw "cown"hehehehe
You two awe always countable fow a fun.
Those squawes awe all soo bootiful I can hawdly stan it..
instant is nevew as nice as pawfection
smoochie kisses

Molly the Airedale said...

Your mom's granny squares are fabulous! What a beautiful blankie this will be!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Belle said...

You guys are so cute! I liked the coffee squares a lot. The first item I crocheted was a granny square afghan.

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

Mom loves her khoffee more the kholour of Mollie!

It has to have just the proper addition of half and half!

I knew woo two would brew a great post!


the booker man said...

miss mollie,
mama is totally wishin' for a cup of steamy coffee after readin' your post. only thingie is her coffee is really more like cream 'n sugar with some coffee. BOL!
look at all those colorful squares! that is gonna be one super hooge, pretty quilt when your mama is finished!

the booker man

Lorenza said...

Happy coffee thursday!
I can see the squares are ready to become a pawesome blankie!
I can't wait to see it!
Kisses and hugs

Roan said...

That was a great way to start my day. LOL! Such wit! Perfect coffee post. Love the granny squares.

Blue said...

Oh you pups!
You always come up with something quite unique, always fun, quirky & quarrenteed to have me LOLing - thankfully wasn't holding a cup of coffee when reading or I'd have a coffee flooded lap-top :)

Love, pats & pets

Asta said...

Mollie and Doyle

I can only go to westauwants that have outside seating
I was so jelly when I heawd that Mommi saw Ewic inside a pub they don't let me inside hewe anywhewe.
I would invite you othewise. ummm, Mollie..if they use youw name wifout youw pawmission, maybe you can get them to send you pawt of theiw gween papews. If they don't, you could ask Awchie to wepwesent you. I heaw he is an excellent lawyew
smoochie kisses

Fred said...

Love it! Old Girl mostly likes her coffee black and strong! We're posting our (late) post a.s.a.p.!