Tuesday, September 1, 2009

a bit lost and lonely

as you can see poor old doyle is still a bit out of sorts. we are convinced he is really missing bodie and we won't lie, it has been an awful lot harder than we thought it would be.

we've been really touched with all the kind words from so many of you, thank you!! it has helped, really helped... A LOT. new doggie bloggers Lord Duncan of McDuff and Sally Ann Canis even presented us with this friendship award...


the buddy thing got us thinking... we are wondering if we should we get doyle a new feline friend... mmmmm, hmmmm... would it end in tears... a scratched nose or even worse... 'dog' forbid!

if you wanna have a say, go for it! there is a poll on the right and any tips, suggestions etc will also be most welcomed in your comments. oh and before we start getting the flood of 'get a pup'... we are saying yes that is most definately being considered as well. we are just hoping a kitten will help to take away the wierd 'lonely' house feel that we are all feeling when we get home as well we hope the wee critter will provide doyle with some companionship on the days he is home alone.

last but most certainly not least - please spare a thought for our friend's cat, pixie. like bodie, pixie is starting to feel her age too... we want to wish pixie strong pawsitive vibe... she may be 24 but she's a true survivivor for sure!

loves b, c & d xxx


Sistertex said...

Lots of love and light to Pixie...wow 24 years young! Awesome.

Poor Doyle, we just went through this 2 weeks ago when we brought in Fidget. Things about cats and dogs, a lot of them get along and some never do. Hard to tell. One thing for sure, there is an adjustment period lasting for, sometimes, months. So don't get discouraged if you bring home a kitty and they don't get along right away, don't force things, let them get used to each other slowly and on their own terms. Certainly for the humans you will notice quite the difference and it is fun to see a youngster 'go crazy'. If you get a dog, then again there will be an adjustment period, packing order issues, but then they could become best friends, probably in a lot less time than it will take with a cat.

I don't know Doyle, but it is quite possible he will be just fine on his own, though I have yet to allow single petdom in my house, I always think they like to have a friend around, especially when I am gone.

So - I am going to forego the pole because I just plain don't know what would be best...but I know Doyle's people will do the very best they can by him!

BTW I am always around and have an awful lot of experience with dogs...cats and relationships there in. So if you get going on introducing a new 'being' to Doyle and want to chat - please feel free to send me an email on the subject! Sistertex@softworksinc.net. Best of Luck with this. Hugs to you all and scritches.

Sistertex said...

Oh it's me again, gonna blab some more. I see your poll now, or pole if you want to swing around some. ;)

It is about getting a kitty, older cat or none. I didn't see it before and thought you were 'dogging' or 'catting'. :)

We actually went to get an older cat, thinking there would be more of them and harder for rescues to place. Ended up with a 4 month old kitten, didn't want a kitten but the kitten turned out to be more accepting than the older cat. I was fairly bummed because I had really wanted to give an older cat a home very badly. Then the rescue folks told us that there are just *so* many kittens in need that it has been easier to place all of the older cats than all of the younger ones. (so she was telling us) I think what you are going to need to look at more than age is if they have experience with dogs, how they get long with them and so on. Just find a 'fit'...look at them all! Maybe you can bring Doyle with you when/if you decide to choose.

Ok ok ok - alll done now. :)

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...


I'm furry impressed!

As for Doyle - I think much of it is up to Bodie!

What Bodie feels Doyle and woo need will show up in some way!

PeeEssWoo: Khongrats on the pawesome awards! They are furry nice new bloggers!

Sally Ann and Andy said...

I'm so sorry about Bodie. (This is Mack's mommy)

After Mack's big sister died, I had to had hand feed him for about a month. He wouldn't eat on his own, and he was sad. He had grown up with Sylvie. She was his big sister. When he came home from the breeder(whom I found out later was a bad person, hence, Sally Ann came from the Humane Society), Sylvie was right there. I miss her myself.

It really helped when Sally Ann arrived. It gave him something else to think about. Here he was having to deal with a 8 week old puppy. It helped him and me. Sylvie had been gone about three weeks. I really didn't want to get a dog that soon, but Sally Ann was there. She was "the one."
It really helped.
Also, I shan't bore you with much writing after this;but, when Bob, my mother's cat was a bit lonely, a kitten, who is now Betty, came. She was a kitten, so Bob would accept her a bit easier. Now, Bob and Betty are best friends. They even sleep together.

I hope this helps.
Mack's Mommy

Ziggy Stardust said...

I hope things feel better for Doyle and all of you soon. I know how it feels to lose a pet. Only pet people truly understand the pain. Sasha sends hugs and licks for Doyle.

Anne and Sasha

Dexter said...

Poor little guy. About two months after our little hound crossed over the bridge, our Airedale spotted a bassett hound in the distance and I could swear he thought it was his Pi. It was so sad. They do miss their pals (well, we do too).

Mango Momma

Teddy said...

Poor Doyle, I'm sure he senses something's wrong, and probably senses the grief that you're feeling. Be sure to give each other lots of hugs, you all need them!


Laura @ Our Wee Farm said...

Bella, that brought a wee tear to my eye, thank you so much for getting some good vibes sent Pixie's way. She's not so good today. She is on antibiotics, but they don't seem to be doing too much. Vet does think she had another stroke and if she shakes her head she quite literally falls over. It's horrible. BUT apart from that all the blood tests came back fine - liver and kidneys amazingly still good.
She's sleeping an awful lot and seems too confused to eat. I'm still thinking she'll come right, L is not feeling it quite the same, but we'll see. She came right after the last 2 small strokes so you never know.At least her diabetes is still under control.
Sorry rambled on there a lot.
She's a fighter, so we'll see!


why not get a couple of kittens and a pup and maybe a terrapin or something all at the same time! It would be mayhem but such a laugh! Sort of or maybe not!

big loves xx

Joe Stains said...

Mom knows there are a zillion cats out there that need adopted and I bet you can find one that is ok with doggies. I think its a great idea.

the many Bs said...

we're so sad that you, Doyle, and your peoples are missing Bodie. it's very tough when your friends go to the bridge.

we don't know if you should get a kitty or a puppy. we think Doyle would like a friend though. of course, there are 4 of us, so you know we are big on friends.

good luck. our paws are with you.


Asta said...

I am so sad that Doyle is missing his Bodie so much.
We can't begin to undewstand the connection between best fwiends. I hope whatevew you decide doyle will feel less sad as will you.It's soo hawd
smoochie sad kisses

Molly the Airedale said...

Wow - 24 is amazing! Pixie will be in our thoughts!
We think a kitty is a great idea for you, Doyle! He'll keep you company when mom isn't available!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch